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"Terri has been a major help for what I am going through right now. She lets me speak my mind on what I need to and she guides me in the best way she can. She makes me feel strong and let’s me know I am capable of making the right choices and that I am doing the right thing. Sometimes it’s just good to hear it from a third party that can guide you the way you need to be guided. I’d recommend her to anyone."

"Terri is very personable and candid — exactly the qualities I was looking for. She’s an incredible listener and gives me space to explore my thoughts and then give helpful advice."

"Terri McCoy has been wonderful for my mental health! She’s a wonderful listener and helps me set small digestible goals to help me make improvements in my life. I’m comfortable talking to her about what’s going on in my life and trust her judgement and training when it comes to taking those steps in my life to become a better version of myself."

"Terri is an amazing professional."

"Terri is an amazing therapist. She’s professional yet still warm, welcoming, and super attentive which makes me feel comfortable in confiding in her. I’ve learned so much about myself in the couple months I’ve worked with her and each session feels like another breakthrough. From someone who’s struggled with childhood trauma, family abuse, and growing up with alcoholics/substance abusers, I’m grateful to have cross paths with Terri."

"I enjoy working with Terri. She truly understands what my needs are and has helped me to reach various goals I have set. I am thankful to have met her."

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